General Policies

Policy on students attending other COBWAMA classes

Students who've paid for a current session at any COBWAMA class are welcome to attend other COBWAMA classes on a space available basis. the exception to this are the 6-8 year old Little Ripples class. This class is unique, and students in this age group can not readily adapt to the other classes.

Policy on cancelation of classes:

Classes may be cancelled at the main instructors disgression due to inclement weather, illness, or scheduling conflict where an assistant instructor was unable to fill in. One cancelation per session is generally acceptable (because students can make up classes at other COBWAMA classes), but more than that MUST be made up. The exception to the one cancelation rule are the Little Ripples classes, cancelations for these classes should ALWAYS be made up -- because these students can NOT easily make up by coming to another class for older children. Cancelled classes that can be readily made up always should be. Classes where no students were not able to attend either do not have to be made up.

Make-up policy:

Make up classes for cancelled classes, must be scheduled two weeks in advance with students notified before the scheduled time. All COBWAMA students can attend make-up classes. The main instructor of a class will schedule the time for a make-up class, and should do so within a week of a cancelled class.

Recognized Holidays:

No classes on the following Holidays: New-Years Day (or Federally recognized holiday, if Jan 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday), Human Rights Day, Valentines Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, July 4th (or Federally recognized holiday, if July 4th falls on a Saturday or Sunday), Labor-Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas Day and Christmas Eve (or Federally recognized holidy if Dec 25th falls on a Saturday or Sunday)

Up to wednesday to Friday and Monday and Tuesday before or after a weekend COBWAMA or TCS (Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan Schools) seminar.

Policies working with children (under 18 years old):

No one on one classes with children -- unless parents are also attending. If only one child shows up for a class, classes MUST be canceled. As much as possible do everything in public view (windows open to passerbys etc.) Do NOT let children be alone. Wait until parents pick their children up before leaving. Do NOT give children rides, unless you have express permission from parents, and under extenuating circumstances. Never give children a ride, if you would be alone with them. Always have someone else with you when dealing with children. When dropping off children, drop other children off before your own.

Special classes: One on one classes with children are NOT allowed EXCEPT under the following conditions:
Permission is obtained from the head instructor.
Class time/location is scheduled and parents are notified of the times/dates.
A parent of the child comes to watch the class OR
Another adult instructor AND more than one child is involved in the class.

Sexual Harassment Policy:

  • Instructors shall maintain professional distance from students during classes: For example
    • Do NOT touch the central trunk (groin, buttocks, upper-thighs, breasts, stomache) of students during training. If there is a martial application or the instructor wishes to correct the students position -- ask permission of the student first.
    • Treat both genders with equal respect. No joking regarding gender or sex should be made whatsoever. Instructors may also need to enforce this policy with students as well.
    • Respect distance of new students. Some martial techniques are done at close quarters -- do NOT do these techniques with new students -- until they have time to comfortably assimilate into class. Be sure to fully explain what is going on and demonstrate with an advanced student when you do.
  • Be careful when teaching a one on one class with a student of the opposite gender. Do NOT do techniques at close quarters in this situation and be especially conservative with touch.
  • Any classes specific to sexual assault situations with mixed genders need to be planned in advance, have at least two instructors at all times, and at least two students.
  • COBWAMA has a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual harassment and instructors that violate this policy will be dismissed (at the disgression of the board) after the events are investigated. On first hearing of suspected abuse -- an instructor will be put on leave from classes -- until the board can meet to investigate.
  • Students who want to discuss issues can contact the head-instructor or a board member.

Instructors transporting students:

Transporting students from and to classes is generally frowned upon (due to liability issues, and additional concerns with sexual harassment and/or physical or sexual abuse).

Instructors can transport students under the following conditions:

  • There is another person besides student and instructor in vehicle.
  • Seatbelts used at all times.
  • Instructor has parents verbal permission for this occurance and written permission as principle.

Permission to use photos of students:

Students (or parents) shall sign waivers to release COBWAMA to use pictures or likenesses of students for promotional materials or on the web-site. They can also instruct COBWAMA to NOT use pictures for themselves or their children. Full names will NOT be used except for the instructors. For minors and rank below black belt at most first names will be used -- but in general students names will NOT be used.

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