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Colorado Blue Wave Martial Arts

A non-profit organization dedicated to teaching quality martial arts to Colorado families for reasonable cost. Our head instructor is a certified 6th degree Black Belt. We also have assistant instructors of the 1st and 2nd degree black belt rank.

Board Members

President: Ms Krystal Jakosky,
Head Instructor: Master Erik Kluzek,
Treasurer: Mr Mark Bradford,
Secretary: Ms Jenni Hansen,
Director: Ms Michelle Steffan,
Board email:

Some of our Volunteers

Billing Agent: Ms Darla Bradford,

Mailing Address for Colorado Blue Wave Martial Arts

PO Box 2507
Longmont CO 80502-2507

Mission Statement

We exist to provide quality instruction in the art and science of traditional Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan to Colorado families and individuals. We provide a fun atmosphere of mutual concern and cooperation, rooted in traditional discipline. We help build independent, focused, and confident individuals and families with healthy bodies, spirits, and minds.

Vision Statement

Help create families and individuals that are self-reliant, unafraid, independent, strong, and able to defend themselves while also being confident and supportive of each other and their community.

Articles of Incorporation

Our articles of incorporation were filed September 26th, 2005 and are available from the Secretary of State of Colorado.

ByLaws of operation

Our ByLaws outline how the COBWAMA board operates and were adopted by the board on March 16th, 2008.

Annual Reviews

COBWAMA Review of 2008

Fundraising efforts we have done

Information on our fundraisers are available here .

Class Policies

Information on our class policies are available here .

Liability insurance

We share Liability Insurance for all instructors and classes through:

Organizations we are Affiliated With

Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan Schools

Our parent organization for rank accreditation. This organization is ran by 9th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Kim, D.H. out of Tucson Arizona.

Chung Do Kwan

Rank accreditation option for Black Belts. Our connection is 9th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Park, Hae Man of Seoul Korea.

World Tae Kwon Do Federation / Kukkiwon

Rank accreditation option for Black Belts. The WTF is the worldwide organization that runs Tae Kwon Do for the Olympics. The Kukkiwon does black-belt certification.

Founding Incorporators of COBWAMA

The following are the group of people that got together to create COBWAMA at it's inception in September 2005. They all initiallly served in the positions noted. Two continue to serve on the board as you note above.
Master Erik Kluzek, 6th Degree Black Belt Founding Head Instructor
Mr David Curtis, 3rd Degree Black belt Founding President
Mr Mark Bradford, 2nd Degree Black Belt Founding Vice-President
Ms Susan Montgomery-Hodge, 1st Degree Black Belt Founding Secretary
Mr Bill Hodge, 1st Degree Black Belt Founding Treasurer

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Colorado Blue Wave Martial Arts is a Colorado non-profit Corporation
We do not discriminate students on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, ethnicity, national origin or political affiliation
For more information Contact Master Erik Kluzek at: or (303)772-6225 or mail to COBWAMA, PO Box 2507, Longmont CO 80502-2507
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