Evaluations of the David Curtis Memorial Rockies Kick Seminar

These are the evalutations we got from everyone.

Under comments:

  • All was good X5
  • Workouts and exercises x2
  • Breaking boards was the best X2
  • More time to digest after meals so we don't puke.
  • More training space
  • Nice to have others input on my actions and moves
  • Should add an early morning run
  • Relaxing and enjoyable and had enough events for the entire family
  • EVERYTHING! Because, how can I choose 1 thing when everything was ridiculously AWESOME! :P
  • Doing the forms -- because I needed time to study my forms.
  • Freetime
  • Let us stay for 10 days

Under multiple choice things look good. People gave high points to liking camp and the facility etc. In terms of specifics:

  • More CDK basics/sparring forms -- 13
  • More sparring -- 11
  • More self-defense -- 11
  • More forms -- 9
  • People voted at an average of about a 5 for David being honored, and someone put a note "we will miss him".
  • People voted stories and discussion very high at 4-5 averaging close to a 5.
  • The blood-donor stuff got reviews from 3-5 as well as a ?.
  • People really liked breaking.
  • People seemed to be OK with the amount of free time.
  • People did NOT feel we spent too much time on non-TKD activities.

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