Black Belt Leadership Academy -- Apr/29th, 2006

An important aspect of being a black belt is having leadership qualities. Some students have natural leadership qualities or they have learned leadership skills in other forums. However, many students need help in developing leadership qualities. The Black Belt Leadership Academy is training and mentoring in leadership skills by other black belt students. Black belt leadership academy is to be an annual training seminar in martial arts leadership. Students need to be at least of the rank of 1st Keup (high brown belt) to be part of Leadership Academy. Another aspect of Black Belt leadership academy is providing leadership and direction to the classes that the student participates in. Planning and organizing meetings are held for Black Belt Leadership Academy to decide on the curriculum for future classes.

We held Black Belt Leadership Academy and had a wonderful time discussing Martial arts training.

A Learning environment encompassing the following different methods of learning:

  • Reading:
  • Lecture based:
  • Leadership experiences of instructors:
  • Group Discussion:
  • Small group practice:
  • Experiential:
  • Feedback:
  • One on one:

Topics of learning include:

  • Leadership skills
  • Stretching
  • Muscle physiology and training methods
  • Training curriculum
  • Teaching completely new beginners
  • Teaching beginners
  • Teaching intermediate
  • Teaching advanced
  • Teaching kids
  • Teaching adults
  • Injury prevention

  • Goals 5 min
  • Essence of teaching 30 min
  • Attributes of a martial artist 10 min
  • Juniors practice leading lineup in turn with feedback 20 min
  • Physiology
  • Training methods
  • Stretching, warm-up, warm-down
  • Practice leading warm-up, in turn
Lecture/group discussion on: goals, teaching, attributes 9-10am
Lecture/discussion on muscle physiology, training methods, and stretching. 10am-11am
Lecture/discussion on curriculum, 11:20-noon
Lunch breaknoon-1pm
Lecture/discussion on age-appropriate teaching, 1-1:45pm
Practice/role-playing on different age teaching, 1:45-3pm
Group discussion on teaching in the martial arts, 3:15-4:00pm

Reading material:

"Teaching Martial Arts; The Way of the Master", Sang H. Kim, PhD, 1997

Requirements for participation:

  • 1st Keup or higher in Tae Kwon do Chung Do Kwan Schools
  • Black Belt rank and attending COBWAMA school, or affiliate TCS school

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