Pictures of GrandMaster Kim Seminar 2005

These are pictures of a seminar we had in September 2005 when we brought up 9th degree black belt Grandmaster Kim. This is when our head-instructor tested to 5th degree black belt and attained Master level ranking. We also had two other students test to first degree black belt and others to various colored belt ranks. Most of these pictures are courtesy Sandy Priest, and some Bill and Susan Hodge. Thanks to all of you for sharing your pictures. The event was held in the StVrain Memorial Building Recreation Center, and the Longmont YMCA.

For information on the seminar see: Grandmaster Kim seminar 2005

Note: These are all thumbnails of the pictures. If you click on a picture you can pull up a full size image of the picture (other than the random picture at the top).

Sparring during seminar...

Black Belt Testing

Test table with Mr Machado, Grandmaster Kim and Mr Heathman

Testing on forms, including two testing to junior black belt and Mr Kluzek testing to 5th Degree Black Belt Master level.

Testing on sparring, including one or one stparring, two on one (for junior black belts) and five on one (for Master Kluzek)

Testing for breaking. For 1st degree black belt you must break 3-boards two ways (a set of three-boardswith a hand technique and a set of 3-boards with a kicking technique). For 5the degree black belt it's five boards four ways two of which must be a hand technique.

New junior-black-belt and new 5th degree black belt Master!

Group shot of the whole gang!

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