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Mission Statement

We exist to provide quality instruction in the art and science of traditional Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan to Colorado families and individuals. We provide a fun atmosphere of mutual concern and cooperation, rooted in traditional discipline. We help build independent, focused, and confident individuals and families with healthy bodies, spirits, and minds.

Colorado Blue Wave Martial Arts is a Colorado non-profit Corporation
We do not discriminate students on the basis of race, gender, religion, or political affiliation
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Why should you consider training with our schools?

  • Self defense emphasis

    One of our primary emphases is training and education in self-defense. Some schools only have an emphasis on sparring or competition. We use sparring as a tool to learn self defense principles and skills. We also make sure students are learning skills that are practical and useful for self-defense. Each component of class is oriented toward improving those self-defense skills and strategies.

  • Women's Self Protection

    Self-defense for women tends to be different than for men. Men are naturally more aggressive and in general find it easier to learn self-defense methods. Many times women are hesitant to learn martial arts techniques and wonder if they might be able to perform them for herself. Statistically women are much more likely to be attacked by someone they know (such as a date or spouse), and they are overwhelmingly attacked by men rather than by other women. Women are also much more likely to be sexually assaulted over men (roughly 1 in 4 women in Colorado are raped in their lifetime vs. 1 in 17 men). These characteristics make education on women's self-protection quite a bit different than men. For more information on sexual assault against women see the MESA (Moving to End Sexual Assault) web page on sexual assault.

    For part of our program we work with MESA to educate our women on sexual assault. We also work at providing women with other role-models of strong women to follow (check out Ms. Susan Montgomery-Hodge and one of our previous assistant instructors). Our head instructor Master Kluzek also has experience working with Women's rape-crisis centers on educating women on effective methods of self-protection as well as having spent considerable time in research on learning about effective methods proven in research.

  • Training for transformation of the individual

    Some martial arts schools are oriented toward only training those who are very athleticly talented. We strive at accepting all students regardless of ability and help them to improve at their own pace. We help them to develop their own strengths and learn to overcome their weaknesses. The gift that I received from my training has been to overcome my own perceptions of my limitations. That is the same gift that I strive to pass onto each student. Take a look at some of the testimonials to see how other students have been able to use their training to increase their confidence and transform themselves either in body or spirit.

    Ways that martial arts training transforms the individual:

    • Increase in confidence
    • Increase in self-discipline
    • Confront internal feelings of fear
    • Confront internal feelings of weakness
    • Understanding of how to use ones own strengths and compensate for weaknesses
  • Cooperative learning instead of competition based

    Our goals for teaching is for each student to excel in their own path, to improve on themselves. As stated above we also have a strong emphasis on self-defense, which by nature means defending oneself from an opponent who probably is bigger and stronger than I am. We also want to build a community that has a cooperative spirit rather than a competitive one.

    As such we do not place a heavy emphasis on competitions. The main competition we take part in is Grandmaster Kim's seminar once a year.

  • Teaching self-discipline and Chung Do Kwan Values: Silence, Courtesy, Patience and Effort

    As part of using our training for transformation of the individual we try teach and uphold the Chung Do Kwan values:

    • Silence
    • Courtesy
    • Patience
    • Effort
  • Humor! -- you will have fun!

    We are serious about our martial arts training -- but we also know how to laugh. We also work hard at making classes dynamic, interesting and fun.

  • Family!

    We strive to build a community that is supportive and encouraging of each other. We take to heart the part of our membership oath that say "we are united in mutual friendship".

    We also strive at making the family classes affordable and convenient for families, with family discounts that make it easier for families with several individuals in classes to afford them.

  • Small classes for individual attention -- larger get together's

    We have the best of both worlds -- small and large classes. All of our classes have high teacher to student ratios and all students get individualized attention from instructors. This is an important part of the character of our classes and helps us insure quality instruction. But, we also have larger get together's with all of the Colorado Blue Wave classes and other Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan schools. Roughly every 7 weeks we have an open-house and testing with all Colorado Blue Wave Martial Arts classes (usually on Saturdays). At least once a year we bring 9th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Kim, D.H. of Tucson Arizona up for a seminar. And we make the trek down to Tucson once a year for Grandmaster Kim's annual Spring training seminar. As such all students get that one on one attention and focus as well as having fun events with bigger groups of students.

  • Any Special deals? Our Back to School Fall Specials for Family Classes are:
  • Two Free classes, come have your kids try out one of our family classes. Lil Ripples on Tuesday nights for young children six to eight years old, Beginning Breakers on Tuesdays for kids 9 and up, and Tidal wave on Thursday nights for teens 13 and up. Offer good from Feb/15th through May 19th.

  • Our Fall Specials for Adult Classes are:
  • Three Free classes, come try out up to three of our classes for FREE. Offer good from Feb/15th through May 19th.

  • Information on Facebook deals and Scholarships? Also see our Facebook events page, Our Facebook Notes Coupons and Special Offers page, and Scholarship Policies Page
  • More questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

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Colorado Blue Wave Martial Arts is a Colorado non-profit Corporation
We do not discriminate students on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, ethnicity, national origin or political affiliation
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