COBWAMA Fundraiser Information

Related Income

Of course we raise some of our income from the tuition we charge students for class sessions, as well as for seminars. There is also the testing fees that are charged on behalf of Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan Schools (TCS) the organization that gives acreditation to our rank. The testing fees are strictly the fees charged by TCS. We also raise some income through the sale of martial arts supplies to students such as the uniforms that are required for classes.

Fundraising Income

We also raise money through sales of various items by our students and/or volunteers. The IRS allows non-profit organizations to raise money though such ventures that are NOT related to the purposes of the non-profit` without taxes being charged provided the following three apply:

  • It is not regularly carried on.
  • Done substantially by volunteers.
  • ....
All of our fundraisers follow those critera. Fundraisers we have participated in or plan to participate in include: All of these are run by volunteers or our students, and are only held sporatically through the year.

Quilting Retreat

This event is held about twice a year and is run by one or two volunteers, who both receive a discount on their entrance fee to the event. Our main volunteer has been Vicki Kluzek, but for the latest Spring 2010 event we have a new volunteer Lori Penrod. The event is held at Highlands Presperterian Camp and Retreat center a local non-profit organization who has a nice facility for this event. The event was sponsored by the local quilt shops in the past, but the Center changed their policy so they require that groups that use their facility be non-profit. As such Vicki (who organized the events previously) asked our group if we could sponsor the event in trade for earning some part of the gross income from the event, which we could then put into our scholarship program to pay for tuition of students who needed help, or for students that needed help in making it to our own seminars. The profit we receive from the event, depends on the numbers of people that attend the event and the exact number in the rooms. The center has minimum required numbers, and a few special charges, and we have charges for copies for flyers and mailings to advertise the event. So we don't receive a set amount from each person -- but we do get about 10-20% of the total for the event.

Some of the attendees have also very graciously made donations to our organization above and beyond the fee charged for the event, that we have also very much appreciated. Vicki makes a point to tell the attendees about our program and how their donations help us with our scholarship program.

To pay for an upcoming quilting retreat go to: Quilting Retreat Payment.

Colorado Blutter Braids

In the Fall of 2008 our students sold Butterbraids to friends and family and we received $4 in profit for each braid sold (for $10) that we applied to helping our students make it to our Fall Seminar with Grandmaster Kim. We also used a small amount of the profits for prizes for the kids that sold the most. We may do this once or twice a year.


In the spring of 2009 we had our first Kickathon, both as an exciting, fun and challenging event for our students as well as a way to advertise our program and receive donations from family and friends of our students. We held a class where we do different events where we keep track of how many kicks each of us perform. We also did some breaking where we kept track how many boards and bricks were broken with different kicks. Donors will then donate to students either based on the number of kicks performed or a flat amount for participation in the event. We plan on doing this once a year.

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