Issues to improve at:

Differentiate between front and side kick. More upright kicking. one-steps, precision and focus, applications, self-protection, protection of family. Aerobic, endurance. Higher roundhouse...


Defending friends and family
21/16/2006MondayNo CLASS: MLK
-1/16/2006ThursdayForms -- white/yellow-apps/level
41/30/2006MondaySparring, with Mr Hodge
-2/02/2006ThursdayNo class -- classes at Family TKD in Longmont
BB2/04/2006SaturdayBrown-Black belt class
52/06/2006MondaySelf-Defense -- Weapons
-2/09/2006ThursdayBasics with Mr Bradford, personal student interview with Master Kluzek
62/13/2006MondayForms with Mr and Ms. Hodge / personal student interview with Master Kluzek
-2/16/2006ThursdaySparring, with Ms. Hodge
-2/18/2006SaturdayCOBWAMA board meeting
72/20/2006MondayNo Class -- Presidents day
-2/23/2006ThursdayBasics -- jumping techniques, targets, heavy-bag
OH2/25/2006SaturdayOpen-house/testing -- Sparring reg and Olympic
82/27/2006MondayForms -- throwing applications
-3/02/2006ThursdaySparring, step, instant -- with Mr and Ms. Hodge
93/06/2006MondayGround Self-Defense -- unarmed, with mats
-3/09/2006ThursdayBasics, kicks per belt-level -- with Mr. Hodge
-3/10-12/2006Spring Seminar in Tucson, AZ
103/13/2006MondayForms -- with Mr. Hodge
-3/16/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense from Weapons, with Mr. Hodge
-3/23/2006ThursdayBasics -- Ground kicking
123/27/2006MondayForms, with Mr and Ms. Hodge
-3/30/2006ThursdaySpinning in Sparring (back,wheel,crescent,spin-striking)

Spring Break: 4/3-7/2006


BB4/08/2006SaturdayBrown-Black belt class
14/10/2006MondayBasics, kicks for testing
-4/13/2006ThursdayMeeting on changes, feedback
-4/13/2006ThursdayPassover/Maunday Thursday, Forms with Mr. Bradford
24/17/2006MondaySparring, for testing, Power, heavy-bag, shield kicking, plyometric jumping
-4/20/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense, target-areas, , training methodology
34/24/2006MondayForms -- all Kukkiwon forms
-4/26/2006WednesdayIndividual -- kicking
-4/27/2006ThursdayBasics -- Olympic sparring basics, speed
BB4/29/2006Saturday Black Belt Leadership Academy
45/01/2006MondayForms, your level, Mr BradfordAt FL
-5/02/2006TuesdayJoint class with Family TKDAt COS
-5/03/2006WednesdayIndividual -- 3-step
-5/04/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense, sweeps, throws, falling
55/08/2006MondayBasics, Focus, stretching for ROM (CRAC, PNF)
-5/11/2006ThursdaySparring -- Olympic style sparring
OH5/13/2006SaturdayOpen-house/testing -- Self Defense
-5/13/2006SaturdayCOBWAMA board meeting
-5/14/2006WednesdayIndividual -- forms
65/15/2006MondayTournament type sparring, judgingAt FL
-5/17/2006WednesdayIndividual -- basics
-5/18/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense, bodyguard concepts
75/22/2006MondayMs. Juliana Rew teaches class At FL
-5/23/2006WednesdayIndividual -- forms, high rank teaches
-5/25/2006ThursdayForms, applications in forms, green and purple
85/29/2006MondayMemorial Day -- no classes
-5/31/2006WednesdayIndividual -- sparring
-6/01/2006ThursdayMs Juliana Rew teaches
96/05/2006MondayForms, all forms, timed, different attributesAt FL
-6/07/2006WednesdayIndividual -- self defense
-6/08/2006ThursdayBasics, Precision, Accuracy (hanging ball and target kicking)
test6/10/2006SaturdayTesting (10:00AM-noon) COS
106/12/2006MondaySelf-Defense, protecting othersAt FL
-6/14/2006WednesdayIndividual -- basics
-6/15/2006ThursdaySparring, power, blocking, striking in sparring, target kicking, plyometric jumping, jumping kicks
-6/23/2006FridayPlanning for Summer Campout

Differentiate between front and side kick. More upright kicking. one-steps, precision and focus, applications, self-protection, protection of family. Aerobic, endurance. Higher roundhouse... Sparring forms. Chung Do Kwan basics. Rolling, kicking from ground. Sweeps, kicking in grappling.

Summer session

(Summer tuition -- $25.00)
17/10/2006MondayBasics, sparring forms 1-2at FL
-7/12/2006WednesdayReview for test
-7/13/2006ThursdayForms -- throws in forms
27/17/2006MondaySparring, foot work with obsticlesat FL
-7/19/2006WednesdayTest for Binu
-7/20/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense, rolling
37/24/2006MondayBasics, sparring form-1, Chung Do Kwan basics 1-3at FL
-7/26/2006Wednesdayranking belt basics
-7/27/2006ThursdaySparring on ground, kicking from ground
47/31/2006Mondayall Forms outsideat FL
-8/02/2006Wednesdayforms review
-8/03/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense, rolling and front-sweeps and throws, getting up, fighting from ground
-8/4-6th/2006Friday-Sunday Campout
58/07/2006MondayBasics, Sparring Formsat FL
-8/09/2006WednesdayFree Sparring (survey)
-8/10/2006ThursdayForms, with different focus (speed, power, accuracy, precision)
68/14/2006MondaySparringat FL
-8/16/2006WednesdayBasic HuShinSool (Self-Defense)
-8/17/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense, body-guarding
78/21/2006MondayBasics, Chung Do Kwan Basicsat FL
-8/23/2006WednesdayOverview class
-8/24/2006ThursdayAll Forms

Fall Session

KO9/09/2006SaturdayFall session -- Kick-Off! (Master story, reaction target training, circle sparring)
19/11/2006MondayBasics, ranking belt basics, aerobic :
-9/13/2006Wednesdayranking belt basics
-9/15/2006ThursdayForms, your level, different attributes (speed, power, focus, precision, stance, relaxed-flow) aerobic
29/18/2006MondaySparring (circle, instant, 2-step, multi, offense-defense, hands-only, feet-only) interval-training and flexibility
-9/21/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense (hand grabs, chokes, clothing grab, lapel grab, hair grab, push, chicken-wing, tackle, and ground pummeling). Examine, intent of attacker (lead you somewhere you don't want to go, put you in a car, bring you to ground).
39/25/2006MondayBasics -- focus, precision, tight weapon, slow deliberate, include wheel
-9/28/2006ThursdayForms -- all forms, aerobic
410/02/2006MondaySelf-Defense, targeting
targets at high-level defense:
famous-5: eyes, throat, nose, groin, knees (white-yellow)
big-12: eyes, ears, temple, throat, upper-lip, nose, collar-bone, arm-pit, solar-plexus, groin, knee, and instep). (green-purple)
select-quarter(25): eyes, ears, TW-17, temple, TMJ-joint, throat, stomach-9, upper-lip, bridge-of-nose, nostrils, collar-bone, arm-pit, solar-plexus, spine, kidney, groin, tail-bone, knee, inside-thigh and instep). (brown-1st Dan)
Practice different strikes over and over to given targets. Anaerobic with stretching imbetween sets.
-10/05/2006ThursdaySpinning in Sparring, anaerobic explosive bursts, and flexibility
510/09/2006MondayBasics -- reaction training with target pads. Explosive speed with breaks imbetween. Flexibility training.
-10/11/2006WednesdayBasics, kicking: round-house and back-kick
-10/12/2006ThursdayForms -- applications in forms, target striking, blocking, simultaneous block/strike, unbalancing
-10/14/2006SaturdayCOBWAMA board meeting, Hodge house
610/16/2006MondaySparring -- eval. form
-10/18/2006WednesdayApplications in forms
-10/19/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense, low-level protection (protect yourself without hurting assailant).
-10/21/2006SaturdayBlack/Brown belt class COS, 10:00AM-noon
710/23/2006MondayForms, striking targets in forms
-10/25/2006WednesdaySparring -- evaluation form
-10/26/2006ThursdayBasics, multi-kicking, with targets
810/30/2006MondaySparring, multi-kicking in sparring, blocking practice with multi-kick
-11/01/2006WednesdayBasics -- jumping and plyometrics, anerobic
-11/02/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense, instant-sparring, hu-shin-sool
911/06/2006MondayBasics, power for breaking, target and heavy bag practice
-11/08/2006WednesdayForms -- precision, yellow belt advancement
-11/09/2006ThursdayForms -- your level, prepare for testing, different attributes: (speed, power, stance, form, slow-control, flow)
MK11/10-12/2006Friday-SaturdayGrand-master Kim Seminar
1011/13/2006MondayMeditation and stretching, Sparring -- circle sparring, target sparring with opponent
-11/16/2006Thursdaymore Olympic Style sparring
1111/20/2006MondayBasics, Chung Do Kwan basics
-11/22/2006WednesdayHu Shin Sool
-11/23/2006ThursdayNo class, Thanksgiving
1211/27/2006MondaySparring -- Intro. to Olypmic style sparring
-11/30/2006ThursdayForms -- all forms, aerobic
1312/04/2006MondaySelf-Defense -- body-guarding
-12/07/2006ThursdayBasics -- sparring forms
1412/11/2006MondayMore Olympic style sparring
-12/15/2006ThursdayJoint class with Family TKD in Longmont

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