-1/12/2006ThursdayDemo practice, breaking practice
-1/15/2006SundayDemonstration for COS dinner
31/24/2006TuesdayBasics, kicking, combos, wheel
41/31/2006TuesdayPrepare for test -- sparring
-2/02/2006ThursdayCombined class -- purple belt testing
-2/04/2006Saturday (10:00am-noon)Brown-Black belt class
-2/07/2006TuesdayBasics and self-defense with Mr Bradford, personal student interviews with Master Kluzek
52/09/2006TuesdaySelf-defense -- weapons
-2/16/2006ThursdaySparring joint class with Basement TKD and Mr Curtis
-2/18/2006Saturday (10:00am)COBWAMA board -- Dave's house
72/21/2006TuesdaySelf-defense, stranger abduction prevention
-2/23/2006ThursdayBasics -- jumping techniques, races
OH2/25/2006Saturday (9:30am-12:30pm)Open-house/testing -- sparring

Spring - I

12/28/2006TuesdayForms -- applications
-3/02/2006ThursdaySparring -- joint class with Basement TKD and Mr Curtis
23/07/2006TuesdaySelf-Defense -- ground self-defense
-3/09/2006ThursdayJoint class with basement TKD, Basics, Mr Bradford
-3/10-12/2006Spring Seminar in Tucson, AZ
33/14/2006TuesdayForms, all, timed, competition
-3/16/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense -- weapons, stick
43/21/2006TuesdayDefending others
-3/23/2006ThursdayBasics -- circuit training, obstacle course
53/28/2006TuesdayForms, race-core-techniques, blindfolded
-3/29/2006WednesdayYoung Women's self-protection seminar -- 7:00PM
-3/30/2006ThursdaySparring -- spinning in sparring
-4/03-07/2006Spring Break -- no classes
-4/08/2006SaturdayBrown-Black belt class
64/11/2006TuesdaySelf-Defense -- Courtesy
-4/13/2006ThursdayNo class -- Maunday Thursday
74/18/2006TuesdayBasics, power/strength, kicks for testing -- EffortCub Scouts
-4/20/2006ThursdayForms, forms for testing, timed, blinded, different attributes, applications, broken up, interviews

Spring - II

14/25/2006TuesdayBasics, Speed, Power, Focus, Balance, Accuracy
-4/27/2006ThursdayForms, all, timed, Speed, Olympic sparring basics
-4/28/2006FridayFund-raiser for Messiah School, Raddison Hotel
-4/29/2006Saturday Black Belt Leadership Academy
25/02/2006TuesdaySparring, precision, all types, rotate level -- Patience, joint class with Basement TKD, test afterwards...
-5/04/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense, sweeping, throws (outside?)
35/09/2006TuesdayBasics, balance, stretching, meditation, circuit training -- Courtesy, Mr Bradford
-5/11/2006ThursdayForms, ready for testing
OH5/13/2006Saturday (9:30am-12:30PM)Open house/testing
-5/13/2006SaturdayCOBWAMA board meeting
45/16/2006TuesdaySelf-Defense, anti-bullying, points-day! Cub-Scouts
-5/18/2006ThursdaySparring, Olympic -- Effort
55/23/2006TuesdayBasics, with Mr Bradford, accuracy and focus, pencil and targets, races -- Silence
-5/25/2006ThursdayForms, applications in forms, purple/brown
-5/26/2006FridaySpecial class: Ms. Hodge working with Ms. Sharon, Master Kluzek and parents attending (5:45-7:30PM)
65/30/2006TuesdaySparring, tournament sparring and judging -- Patience
-6/01/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense, levels of force, "humane" responses
-6/02/2006FridaySpecial class: Master Kluzek working with Mr Ian, Ms. Hodge working with Ms. Sharon (5:45-7:30PM)
-6/03/2006Schools out
-6/06/2006TuesdaySpecial class: Master Kluzek working with Mr Ian, Ms. Hodge working with Ms. Sharon (6:30-8:00PM)
-6/08/2006ThursdaySpecial class: Master Kluzek working with Mr Ian, Ms. Hodge working with Ms. Sharon (7:30-8:45PM)
test6/10/2006Saturday (10:00am-12:00PM)Testing (COS)

Summer Session

Work on sweeps and break-falls -- outside. Everyone gets a big ball for rolling practice. Four teams:

  • Team-Yellow (Ko-Lan): Little-Ripples (6-8 year old)
  • Team-Blue (Chung): Junior-Ripples (9-11)
  • Team-Red (Hon): Beginning-breakers (12-14)
  • Team-Black (Keong-eun): leadership tidal wave (brown/black and 14-up).

Those in Team-Black will be divided to lead the other teams and will rotate positions each week. Teams are designated by head bands everyone uses.

Class Components

  • Warmup - 10 min -- Everyone
  • Basics - 10 min
  • Obsticle course - 8 min
  • Water break - 2 min -- Everyone
  • Forms - 10 min (Story time for Little Ripples)
  • Sparring - 10 min
  • Warmdown - 10 min -- Everyone

Order of class components is different for each team.

Summer classes: 7:00-8:00PM for all ages (6 year old and up)
27/18/2006TuesdayRolling-ground kicking
37/25/2006TuesdayRolling into jump kicking (for advanced)
48/01/2006TuesdaySweeping into rolling
-8/4-5/2006Friday-Saturday TKD Camp-out
58/08/2006TuesdayJumping and rolling or kicking
68/15/2006TuesdayDemonstration by each Team, Water-Gun fight with mixed teams

Fall I session

Little Ripples: Secret Knife-hand techniques.
KO9/09/2006SaturdayFall TKD Kick-Off!
19/12/2006TuesdayBasics -- ranking belt basics, races judging on: speed, power, form
-9/15/2006ThursdayForms, your level attributes (speed, power, focus, precision, stance, relaxed-flow) races judging on those
29/19/2006TuesdaySparring (circle, instant, 2-step, multi, offense-defense, hands-only, feet-only)
-9/21/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense Examine, intent of attacker (lethal-force, hurt, lead you somewhere you don't want to go, put you in a car, bring you to ground, steal, presence). Take turns with partner intent to bring across room.
39/26/2006TuesdayForms -- all forms
-9/28/2006ThursdayForms Planning with advanced rank
410/03/2006TuesdaySelf-Defense, targeting
targets at high-level defense:
Warmup/Warm-down: Mr Ian
famous-5: eyes, throat, nose, groin, knees (white-yellow)
big-12: eyes, ears, temple, throat, upper-lip, nose, collar-bone, arm-pit, solar-plexus, groin, knee, and instep). (green-purple)
select-quarter(25): eyes, ears, TW-17, temple, TMJ-joint, throat, stomach-9, upper-lip, bridge-of-nose, nostrils, collar-bone, arm-pit, solar-plexus, spine, kidney, groin, tail-bone, knee, inside-thigh, and instep). (brown-1st Dan)
Practice different strikes over and over to given targets. Different stations in cells for: head, torso, legs
Bully book -- skit lead by advanced students.
-10/05/2006ThursdaySpinning in Sparring: back-kick, wheel, spinning-back-fist, crescent, back-crescent, races as individuals with candy, offense-defense, target-sparring, Number of spins sparring, Number of strong hits
510/10/2006TuesdayBasics, Teams for reaction training with pads (speed, power, form). Flying kicks for each group that does well. Obstacle course -- timed, lead by advanced students, Forms/Sparring lead by Mr Kevin
-10/12/2006ThursdayForms -- applications in forms, target striking, blocking, simultaneous block/strike, un-balancing (cross-grab:double-open block/strike-Pyung-Ahn Sa-Dan, double-hand-grab:sang-soo, head-grab:kick/knee/elbow, double-grab:cup-saucer, clothing-grab: short-punch, over-head-strike:X-block, grab-back:front-raise-down-block, hand-grab:tiger-stance-grab-strike, side-grab:back-hand/crescent, elbow-grab:back-fist(Pyung-Ahn-O-Dan), leg-sweep:jump, hand-grab:mountain-block-elbow-break,
-10/14/2006SaturdayCOBWAMA board meeting, Hodges house
610/17/2006TuesdaySparring -- evaluation form, Mr Kevin leads entire class, Parent-Appreciation day and parent meetings!
-10/19/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense -- low level -- protection without hurting opponent. Points; LI-4:Web-of-thumb, Lu-5:outside;inner-elbow-crease, Ht-2:inside;inner-elbow-crease, Ht-7:inside,wrist-crease, PC-7:inside-mid-wrist, Co-22:sternal-notch Grabs; hand-release, Control; lapel-grab:overturn-pin-to-knee, double-grab:cup-saucer, Blocking;
Bully book.
-10/21/2006SaturdayBlack/Brown belt class, work on elbow break with Mr Kevin. Basics, jump-kicking
710/24/2006TuesdayForms, striking targets in forms -- two teams. Sparring lead by Mr Ian, points-day
-10/26/2006ThursdayBasics, multi-kicking with targets, kicking number races, how many kicks in a row with same leg? Try breaking boards.

Fall II session

Little Ripples: Tae Guk E-Dan
110/31/2006TuesdayNo class -- Halloween
-11/02/2006ThursdaySelf-Defense, instant sparring, bully book, in-close self-defense, making space
211/07/2006TuesdayBasics, power-generation, target practice, two-teams (everyone does their kick or technique 3-times, break boards, hit targets), forms lead by Mr Kevin, Ms. Savannah work with Travis on forms
-11/09/2006ThursdayForms -- precision
MK11/10-12/2006Friday-SaturdayGrand-master Kim Seminar
311/14/2006TuesdayMeditation/stretching, circle sparring
-11/16/2006ThursdaySparring -- multi-opponent, 1-step, 2-step, instant, free
411/21/2006TuesdayBasics -- CDK basics, Forms lead by Mr Ian, Ms Savannah work with Travis on side-kick
-11/23/2006ThursdayNo class -- Thanksgiving
511/28/2006TuesdayForms -- all forms, Warmup/Warmdown and sparring lead by Mr Kevin, contact with Olympic style sparring gear
-11/30/2006ThursdaySparring, Olympic style sparring
BB12/02/2006SaturdayBlack/Brown belt class, Forms, knife-sparring and self-defense
612/05/2006TuesdaySelf-Defense, bully book, Basics lead by Mr Ian, Ms Savannah work with Travis on 3-step
-12/07/2006ThursdayBasics -- rolling
712/12/2006TuesdaySparring -- Intro to Olympic style, Warmup/Forms lead by Mr Kevin
-12/15/2006ThursdayForms, sparring for flow -- Joint-class with basement and UCAR TKD. 7:00-8:00pm testing 8:00-9:00pm

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