Issues to improve at:

Everyone -- Leaning over backwards too much in kicking!
Need to develop more upright kicking! More power, more precision, more focus!
Chung Do Kwan exercises -- review
Sparring forms -- review
Testing: Tiffani, Seth, Kevin

10/4 Sparring
10/6 Self Defense multi-opponent sparring, grappling with retaliation (hand-grabs, lapel, push, chokes, half-nelson, full-nelson, hair-grab, bear-hug, chicken-wing lock behind back, sleeve choke, one-handed choke, tackle, leg-sweep)
10/11 Basics power and targeting for breaking
10/13 Forms all forms, first 3 Chung Do Kwan exercises
10/18 Sparring Sparring forms
10/20 Master Kim -- @ COS basement
Seminar/Testing etcetera
10/25 Pts day
10/27 Forms learning new forms, power, speed, focus, accuracy, precision

Fall II session

11/1 Sparring --  
11/3 Forms applications in forms
11/8 Sparring sparring attributes: Covering, mobility, tactics, strategy, offense and defense
11/10 Sparring attributes and evaluation
11/15 Self-Defense
11/17 Forms sweeping in forms
11/22 Sparring Olympic -- upright lead leg kicking in sparring
11/24 No class Thanksgiving
11/29 Basics upright kicking practice over chairs, hands up
12/2    Forms target practice, application practice in teams
12/5	Sparring sparring drills, offense/defense, side-kick drill, lead-leg kicking drills, target pad drills, 
12/8	Self-Protection -- AAA -- unarmed
12/12	Self-Defense weapons blunt weapon
12/15	All around

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