Colorado Blue Wave Martial Arts -- Summer Camp 2006

We ran a Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan Summer Camp for August 4th-6th at Bison Peak Lodge near Fairplay. It's really an awesome setting and just a fun way to train in Tae Kwon Do outdoors. It was an absolute blast! The only problem was the rain on Saturday afternoon and evening!

Evaluation form for those who attended: Some of the events that we did:

  • Martial Arts Track Events: (must be a martial arts student)
    • Forms training outside.
    • TKD training outside
    • Stick and cane training outside
    • Cane forms outside
    • Obstacle sparring
    • Natural weapons

  • Martial Arts Adult Track Events: (must be brown belt OR >= 14 years)
    • Practice gun disarms with Air-soft pistols (shoot plastic BB's, everyone will have eye protection)
    • Knife throwing.

  • Outdoor Trek Events:
    • Hiking and enjoying the outdoors
    • Nature hunt (for kids)
    • Story time (for kids)

  • Mixed Trek Events:
    • Water-gun fight (We didn't do this because of the rain! :-( )
    • Meditation training
    • Training in massage
    • Martial arts demonstration
    • Women's self protection

Slide show of 2006 Summer Camp

We did a Camp-out a couple of years ago and it's was an absolute blast! Everyone had a great time and we learned new things that we don't typically get a chance to work on in TKD.

Check out the slides we did from the Camp-out three years ago...

Tae Kwon Do Campout 2003

For more info on Bison Peak Lodge see...


  • About 3 hours and 120 miles drive from Longmont
  • About 2 hours and 90 miles drive from Littleton
  • MapQuest Map of OWA


  • Master Kluzek, 5th degree black belt (kicking trees, stick work)
  • Ms. Sherrel Price, 3rd degree black belt (obstacle sparring) (safety coordinator)
  • Mr. David Curtis, 2nd degree black belt (night games)
  • Mr. Mark Bradford, 1st degree black belt (cane forms)
  • Ms. Susan Montgomery-Hodge, 1st degree black belt (women's self protection)
  • Mr. Bill Hodge, 1st degree black belt (knife throwing and gun disarms)
  • Ms. Vicki Kluzek (children's track coordinator)

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