Rockies Kick 2010 -- Evaluation Form

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QuestionYour answer
Rockies Kick was fun
Rockies Kick was inspirational
Rockies Kick was informative
I learned more about TKD and the martial arts
The instructors were well-prepared and did a good job
I liked liked asking questions of Grandmaster Kim
I liked the stories and discussion we did
I would like more sparring next year
I would like more self-defense training next year
I would like more training in forms next year
I would like more training in Sparring Forms and Chung Do Kwan Basic Exercises next year
I liked the informal breaking part
I was bored when TKD sessions were NOT happening
The martial-memories/visualization/mediation session was good
Training in a natural setting was great
I would like to see a nature hike as an option
I felt safe at Camp and the different events
I'm glad I went
It was worth the money I spent
I would like to come again next year
People were friendly and made me feel welcome.
The location was good.
The site served us well, location, buildings etc.
The food was good
The price was reasonable
I liked all the different options for lodging and workouts
I'd prefer a cheaper location in the future
I'd like to see more free options
The Best event was:
Why was it the best event?
Suggestions to make the seminar better:

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