GrandMaster Kim Seminar -- Nov/9th-11th, 2007 -- Pictures

Outside the Retreat Center

Entrance sign.

View from out back of the retreat center.

Flowers out front.

Inside the Retreat Center

Main retreat center fireplace.

The Fire-place quilt.

An example of the beds in the retreat center.

The Cabins

The Training Area

The outside of the building where we will be training in.

The inside of the building where we will be training in.

The Challenge Course

They have a challenge course that can be used (for an extra fee).

The supported log.

A structure you climb through.

A bunch of stumps you work through.

A bunch of tires you work through.

A web-rope you work through.

Archery Range


Aspen trees outside.

A old Bell.

A Firepit and auditorium.

An interesting gnarled tree outside.

One of the well-paved nature trails they have.

An interesting rock formation.

Looking up into a big pine tree.

Tree's and flowers.

The view from the Camp to Mount Meeker Peak (which is over 14,000 feet in elevation).

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